Beach Baby

Beach Baby1

“A beach baby is a salty little sweetheart with sandy toes and a sunkissed nose.”

Hi everyone! It’s been an exciting past few weeks and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had much time to post but I wanted to give you a quick update about all of my recent adventures. This week I am away at Camp Neverwood which is amazing! I am seriously impressed by the level of detail put into everything from the cabins, decorating, landscaping to the events. Each event is custom made by the counselors, so everything is new and a fun surprise. Camp Neverwood is ran by Jewel Darkfold (Jeweliette Darkfold), she leads the Neverwood Scouts. I have been trying to join Neverwood Scouts for several months  but she needs more troop leaders! If you know anyone who might make a good, dedicated troop leader please check out the website for more information which I will link below. Thankfully I was allowed to attend Camp Neverwood even though I’m technically not a scout member yet because a friend recommended me. I will do another blog post later in the week to show off the build and some of the events! What are your summer plans? Let me know in the comments below!

The Neverwood Scouts Website!

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Welcome To Little Princess Academy

The Little Princess 1

Hi everyone! I have been so excited to share this post with you all. Today I had the privilege of interviewing Princess Sabrina, the founder of the Little Princess Academy. If you have been looking for a unique, role play school or just a place to make friends and get involved, LPA is the place to do it! For the last two weeks, I have been attending classes there and I have been blown away by the quality of the classes, the build, the unique atmosphere and how active it has been. For years I have searched for and tried out numerous different RP schools in Second Life, but few managed to capture my attention and hold it for extended periods of time. Typically I would find myself getting bored after the first few lessons of sitting in a chair coloring pictures.

What makes LPA different is that you are divided into four different Halls (similar to Hogwarts if you’re a HP fan like me!), once you start attending classes you can earn points towards your Hall points to compete against the other Halls. You also earn credits to work towards raising your own personal rank. At LPA you start off as a Countess or Earl and slowly level up to earn the title of Princess and Prince. There are so many different classes and sports you can attend, I will post the full list of current courses offered below. I can not recommend enough to give LPA a try if you are searching for a fun activity where you can learn and make friends while having fun! I hope you enjoy the interview and photographs of the school grounds and feel free to ask if you have any questions! Hope to see you next term! ❤

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Little Princess Academy

LPA Interview With Princess Sabrina
Little Princess Academy Interview with Princess Sabrina Michalak!

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Dream: Thank you Princess Sabrina for taking the time to speak with me today! Since finding out about Little Princess Academy I have been so excited to do this interview. I understand that you have had a lot on your plate this past week with organizing all of this for everyone. When I first heard about Little Princess Academy it was like all of my dreams had come true… Princess school in a ‘Hogwarts’ style, what’s not to love! When did you get the idea to open LPA and what inspired you to do so?

Sabrina: Hello Lady Dream. It is an honor to be here with you today. I’m glad you found us, Little Princess Academy opened up September of 2013 and it was a small academy on a 1/4 sim. It started much different from what it is today, a lot simpler. It all started with the vision of creating a place for little girls to not only learn about etiquette and being proper, but to very much as you describe it .. make it a dream come true.

Dream: One thing that has really impressed me about LPA compared to other schools is the amount of interaction between students and teachers and the immersive environment. The build is constructed so beautifully that I truly feel as if I am away at boarding school learning how to be a proper Princess. I understand that since reopening the school this term that there was an overwhelming level of interest in the school. Were you surprised by how many students registered this term?

Sabrina: This term exceeded my expectations. I never imagined I would gain so much interest from so many students. It truly was very unexpected. In 2015 when we closed our doors unfortunately, I felt as though LPA was missing something essential. Although it had been an amazing experience up to that time, I realized the interaction you describe was lacking. I wanted to create an environment that would allow its students to not only learn and reach their goal but also facilitate the interaction among its students. Believe it or not before this term, I had never seen or read any of the Harry Potter themes. I sat down and brainstormed what I wanted I LPA to be and funny enough came to find out later that it was very much like Hogwarts just infused with a Princess theme.

Dream: I think you have gone above and beyond exceeding expectations with creating such a realistic role play school environment. Something that really stood out to me when touring the school before I decided to register was the four different halls; Amber,Cerulean, Tourmaline and Zircon. It reminded me as I mentioned earlier of a Hogwarts (Can you tell yet that I am a little obsessed with Harry Potter?) inspiration with a Princessy twist. It made the school feel more real, as if it had a sense of history behind it. I was hoping you could tell me if perhaps one day we might have some lore to read about each of the different Halls and their founders? Or some insight as to why you chose those names and Princesses to identify them. I know that many budding Princesses and Princes would love to know a little history behind their Halls that they have been chosen to join.

Sabrina: The Lore will be forthcoming as LPA develops. Originally the idea behind the halls and its emblematic princesses was tied into categorizing into the various traits. For example; Cinderella was known to be very crafty in designing attire for herself among other things. Just like in Sewing & Crafts you actually get the opportunity to let your creativity flow into something you create yourself. It is very much the same for the other Halls. Swim with Ariel, Dancing with Belle, Magic with Jasmine they all fit in somehow. The traits fall into what each Princess is known for, like Ariel known to be Adventurous.

Dream: That makes a lot of sense and I think almost everyone has a Princess who’s traits they can feel like they can relate to in some ways. When I was sorted into Zircon Hall I felt as if most of the traits suited my personality but my Dad had a laugh at the “Rebellious” trait since normally it is my brother Kyler who is a bit of a troublemaker not me, but maybe I have some Rebel tucked away somewhere in me! Right now we are halfway through the first term and I know that many potential students are interested in signing up who sadly missed the May sign up date. When and how can they begin to register for June term? Are you looking for teachers or staff as well?

Sabrina: The interesting part of those traits, and let’s take Zircon as a great example. Anyone might automatically assume the trait of being “Rebellious” to be negative. However, if you take Jasmine for example. Her rebellious trait came from not allowing a forceful marriage that did not involve love. She was following her heart. The goal of each trait is to make it from a negative perspective into a positive, very much like she did. LPA will be reopening enrollment about a week prior to the June term start date. Joining the LPA Info Group is a great way to stay informed about these openings. I am open to potential new instructors, anyone interested in being part of the LPA team is more than welcome to contact me for further information.

Dream: I am sure everyone will be excited to know that they can sign up soon! I have been a part of the SL family community for such a long time but this is the first school where I have felt incentive to continue attending. I love how we are sorted into halls, it gives me a sense of purpose to do my best to earn points to support my Hall, as well as, credit to advance my own rank to earn a title someday. The feedback I have heard so far about LPA has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone is so interested and excited to see what is to come. When some of the students heard that I was going to be interviewing you, they submitted questions to me to ask you, if you wouldn’t mind answering them.

Sabrina: Sure, I don’t mind! Ask away! 🙂

Dream: Our first question is from:

Jennah Gilman (Jennah Jinx): Once a student reaches the rank of a Prince or Princess, will there still be classes for them to do or will they all repeat again with the same material?

Sabrina: This is something we have struggled with since the beginning. Giving the Princesses a purpose after Coronation. Adding the Halls this term is one of the ways to give Princes & Princesses a sense of purpose by being Leaders. As far as them attending classes, they are always welcome to attend scheduled classes, we are always adding new courses as well. We also look forward to our Princes and Princesses becoming a part of our school’s intramural as we open up competition between the halls in Fencing, Tennis and other Athletics.

Dream: Oh that sounds interesting with Hall competitions and additional advanced courses would be fun. Along the similar lines of Jennah’s question, Lady Lyra would like to know –

Lyra Farleigh (Lyra Wildmist): Once a student reaches the rank of Princess/Prince – could they start over again in another house if they wanted to?

Sabrina: I never considered it being an option. When you are chosen into a Hall, the decision is final.

Dream: My brother has been dying to ask this next question because he is a little obsessed with camps in general.

Kyler Foxx (Xaedan Faith): Will there ever be a LPA Camp or overnight event?

Sabrina: LPA camps have been brought up in the recent past as an idea, and it is a very interesting project. It is something we are considering for the future.

Dream: The next question is from a potential parent for a student who may be registering next term. They would like to know..

Namrah Fralto (Nieandera Resident): Are there any ways that parents or siblings can be involved with students who attend LPA?

Sabrina: One of the best ways that parents can get involved with their students is being present in important moments like a Sorting or a Bestowing. This shows major support in the endeavors of their child. We will also be creating special events where parents can join in like our last “Mommy & Me Story time”.

Dream: Oh that sounds wonderful, I love story time events but since I don’t have a mom right now I might have to borrow someone’s. *giggles* Our next question is from Lady Lillie!

Lillie O’Brian (Lillie Button): Will we be able to have a LPA Dance Team to put on shows and other student clubs – afterschool activities?

Sabrina: Currently the idea in place for Dance is to create a team that can be joined once you have completed the 3 levels of the course. As this will be a more advanced setting where dances and shows will be created. As for other clubs we are centering within the intramural for right now. Students interested in clubs or other activities are welcome to express their ideas and together we can make it happen.

Dream: That sounds really interesting and a nice perk for completing all of the dance classes. I am certain many students will be interested in the idea of other clubs and activities to get involved with to make new friends. I know everyone is also dying to know the answer to this next question!

Kyler Foxx (Xaedan Faith): Are there any new classes coming next term? Also, will there be dorm rooms where students can rent a bed to be able to actually role play living at the school for the term, as if they were truly away at boarding school?

Sabrina: We are always adding new classes at any time during the term. Those will be announced as they come up. As for Dorm rooms, this is very much an idea we are working actively for, and look forward to making available the next term. I think it would be a great idea to have the feel of boarding school for students interested in that type of roleplay.

Dream: I’m already envisioning late night study sessions in my hall common room with my friends while we binge on snacks. That is something really exciting, I can’t wait. Lady Lyra had another question that perhaps you can give some suggestions for.

Lyra Farleigh (Lyra Wildmist): Do you have any advice for young princess/princes that feel awkward or not very royal?

Sabrina: LPA has something for everyone and is based on the principle of being a Princess/Prince is being yourself. During their time with us, each student will hopefully learn and gain more confidence to meet their potential.

Dream: That is great advice and I think as students bond with their Hall and make new friends and get involved, they’re bound to feel less awkward and fit in. Everyone has been so warm and kind, I have already made so many new friends. Next Kristen would like to know…

Kristen Arnaz (KristenDaws Resident): Who is your favorite Disney Princess and why?

Sabrina: smiles. I’d have to admit Princess Ariel is my favorite. It is her adventurous and determined spirit that I absolutely love about her. She is never afraid to be brave and free-spirited. She is definitely one of many good role models to follow.

Dream: I always have an almost impossible time trying to decide who is my favorite Disney Princess since I love them all so much but some of my favorites are Jasmine (Of course! Yay Zircon!), Pocahontas because I love nature, Rapunzel, and I’m really, really excited for the new upcoming Disney movie featuring a Polynesian princess named Princess Moana! Ariel of course is fun as well. Just two last questions for you since I know it is getting late. Gaston wanted to know…

Zachary Gilman (LilRune Resident): Will there be more early morning classes possible in future, around or before 5-6 AM SLT for students from various time zones/schedules?

Sabrina: Those are very much possible! I would like to let students know that I’m always available to talk about your timezone issues and concerns. As I see the need for earlier time courses, those will become available.

Dream: Our last question tonight from the students comes from Lady Marie!

Marie Enoch (Marienne Eiren): Will creator’s be able to sell or gift LPA themed items they make for students? If so, will shop spaces be available to rent to help support LPA?

Sabrina: Many students have expressed the interest in creating content for LPA and its Halls. I’m very welcoming to this idea. Shops spaces are in the works and will become available soon, there are also other options available for sharing their creation. They can contact me for more information.

Dream: As we have been sitting here going over all these questions I had one of my own come to mind. Do you think perhaps in future it might be possible to have a role play group meal together at a set time everyday. I think that it would be a fun way to bring students and teachers together and a way to develop school wide rp storylines or just as a way to sit together with your Hall and make new friends while chatting about your day and the classes. I realize that since the school is held on a homestead that it may not be possible to do at the actual school but perhaps we could construct a dining hall in a skybox somewhere as an idea.

Sabrina: I think that would be a wonderful idea! I’m glad you mentioned it as it is definitely something we can work towards. Having a common area such as a Dining Room could be a great way to interact with other students and instructors and motivate students to actually get involved more.

Dream: Yes, that was what I was thinking too, a way for everyone to come together and interact outside of classes. I’m so glad you like the idea! Thank you so much Princess Sabrina for taking time out of your busy schedule tonight to speak with me. You’ve certainly given everyone a lot to look forward to and get excited about. I can not wait to eventually earn my title of Princess as well, but most importantly to make lasting friendships. Did you have any parting words you wanted to share?

Sabrina: I’m really excited that everyone is really enjoying LPA this term for that is why I truly do this. For their enjoyment and mine as well. I look forward to the many adventures and experiences we will make together. I’m truly grateful for all the support and wonderful feedback we have received since the opening of this term, As for you Lady Dream, Thank you for making part of our History. I’m honored you have taken time yourself to make this night possible. Thank You. ❤

Dream: Smiles brightly and curtsied, “Thank you so much Princess Sabrina. I hope you have a most pleasant evening!” ❤

Sabrina: smiles and curtsied in return. “You are most Welcome. Have a lovely evening as well.” 🙂

Little Princess Academy Tour:

Little Princess Academy Main Gate

Front Courtyard

Tennis, Fencing and Equestrian Areas

Side Entrance

Ballroom For Bestowings and Coronation Ceremonies

Ballroom For Bestowings and Coronation Ceremonies

Dining Room

Front Enterance and Hall Points Board


Indoor Pool

Vegetable Gardens and Livestock Pens

Stable Area

LPA Logo

Little Princess Academy Course Guide:

❈ Courses Available ❈
In order to take Level II or III Courses, please meet the prerequisite and take a Level I course prior. (Ex. Art I before Art II and Art II before Art III.) Please note you DO NOT have to rank up to take other level courses.

Hall specific courses will marked with:
*A* – Amber Hall
*C* – Cerulean Hall
*Z* – Zircon Hall
*T* – Tourmaline Hall

❈ Self Study Courses ❈

Princess Etiquette I
General Education I & II
Speech Etiquette
Equestrian I
Fencing I

❈ Academics ❈

Princess Etiquette II
Royal Pet Essentials *Z*
World Languages [Spanish] I & II *Z*
Magic I, II & III *Z*
Dance I, II & III *A*
Music I *T*
Agriculture I, II & III *C*
Culinary I & II *C*
Social Events I
Art I & II *A*
Literacy I *A*
Poetry I *A*
Sewing & Crafts I & II *C*
Hunts I & II
Mermaid I & II *T*
Photography I & II

❈ Athletics ❈

Fencing II
Archery I
Swim I *T*
Yoga I
Equestrian II & III
Tennis I
Fishing I

**Course Additions Coming Soon – Subject to Change at Anytime **

Registration Information:
Classes at LPA [Little Princess & Prince Academy] are on a month to month basis, therefore tuition is due the first Monday of each month regardless of time of registration.

L$300/month will cover all classes, uniforms, materials, and events.

Registration for June will be a week prior, go to Little Princess Academy and fill in the application form, drop it into the mailbox and pay the tuition kiosk.

For additional information contact: Saвrína Michalak (SabrinaGrace Afterthought)

May Day Dance

May Blessings

“Weave, spin, dance your cares away,
A spirit fire’s alive to your entrancing,
Weave, spin, dance into the May,
The earth and sky are wed as you are dancing.”

Happy ‘belated’ Beltane everyone! This post I intended to share yesterday but I was busy celebrating and forgot. I hope you all had a blessed Beltane and that you are as excited for May flowers as I am. Kick off your shoes, let your toes touch the grass, spin and turn in a spiral dance! I know it has been a few weeks since I last blogged, I was busy with RFL events but now I am back and plan to have more time to devote to blogging again. I have lots of exciting posts to share with you all about upcoming kid community events! ❤

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Anc Ltd. – Hatsuyume Wind Parasol (Pink) (Gacha)

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