Sleeping Bunny Foo Foo

Sleeping Bunny Foo Foo (Dream Feb 2016)

Read me a story, then tuck me in tight.
Tell me you love me, then kiss me goodnight.

Dream & BunBun Miss Bunny Blankie (Rare) NEW! @ Kawaii Project
Meche Diaper Cover (Pink) NEW!, Rika Socks (Pink), & Sleepy Mask Cream (Gacha)
YUMYUM 66 (Brown) NEW!
Turducken CeCe Sweater (Pink)
BunBun Beary Cute Paci Sleepy Pink (Gacha) & Bun Earings (Freebie!)
Cae Always Necklace
Imeka – Bow Tie Ring (Main store seems to be closed but you can find on MP Here!)

To see my avatar style card for things I’m always wearing (ie. skin, eyes etc…), check out my About Me page!

Tentacio – Feeding Bottle (Gacha) NEW! @ Hentai Fair 2016
Meche – Neverland Ship Crib (Rare)
Trinket – Pink Sleeping Toddler Sign (This was a Limited 50 item, no longer for sale)
BunBun – Teddy Sippycup (Purple) & Beary Cute Paci Happy Purple (Gacha)
Turducken – Harajuku Girl Bunny Plush (Gacha)
Dust Bunny – Book Pile

Pose  Custom Not For Sale


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