Avatar Bio Card (ABC) Challenge!

I thought I would make this for fun to share a few fun facts and details about my little avi. I liked how it turned out so much that I’ve decided to make it a contest for fun. So I would love to see your creativity and have you make your own avatar bio cards to share!The contest will run from now until the 29th of February! One winner will be selected to win a 500L prize. To enter simply follow the instructs below!

Dreams Bio Card

Challenge Rules:
Only one entry per person.
★ Be original and show off your creativity by making your own layout (ie. Don’t copy mine or any other contest enteries). You can use photoshop or any other art program to make it.
★ You must have at least 1 photo of your avatar. (You may have more than 1.)
★ You must share a minimum of 5 facts about you or your avatar. These can be whatever you want to share! Be as creative as and silly as you like! You can add as many photos and facts as you want just make sure it is clear to read and fits within the overall size specifications.
★ Do not use any copyrighted images.
★ All enteries must be 100% PG. (No nudity *this includes topless images for men*, drugs, blood, violant images etc.) Any enteries that violate this rule will be deleted.
★ Any Second Life avatar may enter. This contest is open to avis of all ages & shapes!
★ Size MUST be exactly 1000 width x 1250 height
★ Contest deadline is February 29th 11:59 PM SLT. To enter please upload your bio card on flickr and title it as (Your Name) ABC Challenge then post the link to your card as a reply to this thread! Be sure to include your full SL legacy name in your post as well in case you win so that you can be contacted!

One lucky winner will be selected on March 1st and awarded a 500L prize! If there are many enteries I may enlarge the prize package and possibly select multiple winners. 😀 Can’t wait to see your cards. Feel free to share this post with friends! Have fun! 

If you have any questions please post them below or contact me in SL (Nostalgiadream)


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