Chibi Moon

Chibi Moon

“Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight.”

Growing up Sailor Moon was one of my top fave cartoons to watch. I have been planning to do a photo like this now for some time and with Dreamful and The Crystal Heart events opening, it was the perfect opportunity! These are probably two of my new, most favorite events ever and full of so much cuteness! If you haven’t checked them out, then you need to.

{S0NG} – Chin Pink Eyes NEW @ The Crystal Heart
{BunBun} – Magical Girl Phone Rare (Gacha) NEW @ The Crystal Heart
Blush – Flora Shoes (Pink) NEW @ Dreamful
Blues Hair – Celeste NEW @ The Crystal Heart
Cubic Cherry – Balloon Wings (Pink) NEW @ Dreamful
Half-Deer – Princess Twinklefluff Bunny Stardream Wand (Rare), Tiara (Rare), & Crystal Heart Necklace (Gacha) NEW @ The Crystal Heart
Sugar & Spice – Moon Princess Dress (Blush)
Cubic Cherry – Rising Moon Halo Gold
The Sugar Garden – Unicute Charm Bracelet (Rainbow), PrismPower Earrings & Ring
Turducken – Pixie Brows (Pink) (Gacha)
ToddleTeez – Lala Doll Socks (Gacha)
Baby Princess – Sweet Ring Set (Pink) & Vivid Nailpolish
Shiro Tsuki – Crescent Bindi (FREEBIE)

Sugar & Spice – Moon Princess Back Pack (Blush) & Chibi Moon Doll (Rare) (Gacha)
Birdy/Alchemy – Lunar Kitten (White)
Half-Deer – Simple Clouds (White), Glitter Field (Diamond), Simple Rainbow, Celestial Glass Stones (Pink) & Sakura Petals (Pink)
E.V.E – Dancing Bubbles (Vanilla)

Pose – Made using Anypose

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All you need is Love & the Beach

Marry Me2

“In every girls life, there’s a boy she’ll never forget and a summer where it all began.”

I take YOU to be my Best Friend. I promise to encourage and inspire you. To be there through all the good times and the time outs. I will forever be there to laugh with you (not at you), and lift you up when you are down. To share my cookies, even if you catch cooties. And to be there through all of the adventures in life that we will share together.

I was so thankful to have been asked to do this collaboration post by some fellow bloggers! Please check out their wonderful blogs as well to see what they were wearing.

Dream’s Outfit: (Right Bridesmaid)
Blush – Flora Dress (Blue) & Headband (Coming Soon at Dreamful Event July 2nd!)
Oleander – Tegan Hair NEW @ Summerfest
Turducken – Foot Jewelry (Silver Rainbow) (Gacha)
.Click. Poses & Props – Cheerful 2 Pose

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Sky’s Outfit: (Left Bridesmaid)
Blush – Flora Dress (Blue) & Headband (Coming Soon at Dreamful Event July 2nd!)
Blues Hair – Misty (Naturals 1)
#foxy – Lush Life Sunnies Glasses
Turducken – Foot Jewelry (Green) (Gacha)
.Click. Poses & Props – Cheerful 2 Pose

Check out Sky’s Blog HERE to see more of her incredible looks!

Annie’s Outfit: (The Bride)
To see Annie’s adorable beachy bride outfit credits, be sure to check out her blog post featuring her version of this photo. You can find it HERE!

Phlyn’s Outfit: (The Groom)
Check out Phlyn’s blog post to find credits for his aloha inspired grooms outfit HERE!

The Scene:
– Sea Breeze Tent Light (Rare), Table Light, Flowers, Sign and Seashell Candle (Gacha) NEW @ Shiny Shabby
Keke – Shells Turned, Shells Flat, Message In A Bottle (Gacha) NEW @ The Arcade
(Today is your last day to grab them at the event!)
Keke – Twinkling Lights Log (Driftwood)
Dust Bunny – Lighthouse
Studio Skye – Tropical Beach & Temperate Shrubs (Buckeye)
Fanatik – Cliff Cover Mountains
STUFF – Shields Class Sailboat v2.0 (FREEBIE!)


Twistin’ The Night Away

Twistin’ the Night Away1

“We go together like Rama lama lama Ka dingity dinga dong
Remembered forever as Shoo-wop sha whadda whadda
Yippity boom de boom Chang chang changity chang sha bop
That’s the way it should be Wha-ooo Yeah
We’ll always be together, We’ll always be together!”

Hey Dolly’s and Daddy-O’s! Here’s the lastest word from the bird. Camp Neverland sure has been swell and yesterday we had a blast to the past with a 1950’s themed day. There weren’t any party poopers at this sock hop! Everyone dressed up like T-Bird Greasers and Pink Ladies to show off their slick back styles and saddle shoes. What’s that? You want me to tell you more, tell you more? Well…we even had a cruisin’ car show with some coolrider, hopped up, rag tops and hot rods. Uh huh! Gosh, I can’t  believe camp is nearly over already, these summer days sure are slipping away to those ah, oh those summer nights.   ❤ Dream

Dream’s Outfit:
ToddleTeez – Posh Poodle Dress (Blue) NEW @ Ninety-Nine
(Dress available in 3 colors. Includes TD,  Totsipop Sizes & Necklace)
Dream – Wing Tip Flats (Bubblegum) & Ribbon Bracelet (Gold)
Doe – Katrin Browns Hair
(Hair was modded by adding bangs from Sharla Hair by Ploom!)
{Ima} – Darling Socks (Neutral Pack)
{Imeka} – Bow Tie Ring
Baby Princess – Chic Earrings (Only 10L On MP!)

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Kyler’s Outfit:
That’s So {Kyoot} – Letterman Jacket
Petite Bowtique – Black Sneakers (Gacha)
Damselfly – Butch Hair (Light Browns)
UnCut – Wayfarer Vintage Glasses (Black)
Little Closet – Light Wash Jeans (Store closed)
VCO – Benny Skin

– Console Table NEW @ Mainstore for Fifty Linden Friday
Floorplan – Neon III Star Yellow, Star Pink, Star Mint (Gacha) NEW @ The Arcade
Tres Blah – Treat Yourself (Gacha) NEW @ The Arcade
Half-Deer – Cat Lady Garden Table & Chairs NEW @ Mainstore and Rainbow Heaven Cake & Strawberry Princess Cat (Gacha) NEWThe Arcade
MishMish – Poodle Cream
The Sugar Garden – Onee Gyaru Purse (Pink) (Gacha)
Bueno – Good Life Ice Cream Machine (Coral) (Gacha)
Floorplan – Payphone (Blue), Popcorn Machine (Mint), Gumball Machine (Mint) (Gacha)
Consignment – Vinyl Wall Display (Only 50L!)
{Pipo} – Wafers, Ribbon Candy, Marshmallows, Whoopies, Napkins & Utensils (Gacha)
Ionic – Sweet Mice (Gacha)

Pose – Made using Anypose
Camp Neverwood